Richard Braanker - Operator
Hello, I am Richard Braanker and I have started working in the shipping business May 2012 at Fairway Shipping Agencies.
Before I commenced this job I was working on an inland tanker for 4 years. In 2014 I decided to leave the warm bath of Fairway Shipping Agencies and gained experience in the field of chartering.
After about one and a half year of work at the chartering department I got the chance to return to being a ships agent at FSA and I gladly took the opportunity.
I was born in krimpen aan den IJssel and presently living in Heinenoord together with my girlfriend. My hobbies are fitness and playing soccer with my colleagues.
Nick Bezemer - Operator
Hello I am Nick Bezemer and I started working as an agent in the year 2009.

I was born in Rotterdam and raised in Schiedam. Nowadays, I am living together with my girlfriend in Barendrecht.
As from October 2013 I am  working for Fairway Shipping Agencies.
The team we are working with at Fairway is both at the office as well as in private life an asset and enlightens my job as a shippingagent.

My hobbies are that I like to play soccer, ride motorbikes and cars. Also making trips with my girlfriend is a hobby.

Last but not least I love to listen music and watch movies.

  Wesley Hiel - Operator
Hello, I am Wesley Hiel working in the shipping business since 1999 and for Fairway Shipping Agencies since 2007. I was born in Ridderkerk and presently living in Zwijndrecht. I like traveling, listening to music, playing soccer and hanging out with friends.
Gerard van Ree / Fairway Shipping Agencies   Gerard van Ree - Operator
I’m Gerard and I am working in the shipping business since 1992. Have been in operations always, except for 1 year, when I was working for The Netherlands Shipping Inspection. Returned to agencies because I missed the contact with the vessels, captains and all the others involved.
In my leisure time I like to play soccer, watch racing and travel far away.
Brendan van de Bilt - Operator
My name is Brendan and I am employee of Fairway Shipping Agencies since 2006. I was Educated at Scheepvaart & Transport College in Rotterdam.
My residence is Hellevoetsluis, which is a small picturesque city near the sea. My hobby is playing soccer and every now and then I’d like to go out to clubs. 
Marja Fransen / Fairway Shipping Agencies   Marja Fransen – Accounts Dept.

Hello, I am Marja Fransen. I am the busy bee of the account department, which I run together with my colleague Hasan. We work in a tiny but tight team here. In daily life I have a busy life too, with a lot of hobby’s and friends and overall I have a full and satisfying life 

    Hasan Akdag – Accounts Dept.
Hello, I am Hasan Akdag. I work at the account department since February 2009
Debbie van der Klaauw / Fairway Shipping Agencies
  Debbie van der Klaauw – Managing Director
My name is Debbie. I have been working in Shipping since 1994 after I graduated from the Highschool for Business Economics and Languages and still loving it. The hectic days and the international character of the business. Have been married with Walter since February 2013. We are living together with his two little girls at Lienden. Used to enjoy playing sports, like hockey, tennis etc, however, are not able to do same anymore due to an ankle injury. In my spare time I like to walk the dog in the forest or on the beach, read, go to the cinema, holidays, meet friends and play with the two little girls.
Laurens van der Klaauw – Commercial Advisor
After highschool joined an International Shipping Group with inhouse coastertrading, mining, barging, liner-/tramp-/chartering- and forwarding activities started as a junior and after internal/external courses etc graduated to manager, general manager, managing director in the Netherlands and in Europe including Baltic States for all tramp activities including worldwide travelling generating additional principals, etc.; employment in this Group lasted for over 45 years of services. Working in the shipping industry is a disease hence joined Fairway Shipping Agencies as commercial advisor.